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An objet d'étude is a production of a human mind which through a technical process is concretized in an achievement.The only subject of industrial Design is to bear witness of Society by means of technicals advances in products production.Art is the observation of societies which, through an original and universal feeling, testifies to an era. Artist witness of his centurie.

Free will as Freedom of expression is specific to a capacity of Humanity. Humanity structured by a regression or a societal evolution. Evolution impoverishes or enriches across contemporaries cultures, which in a personal analysis, makes Education possible. Education is the mastery of societies in its parallels and complementaries evolutions. In terms of prodigy action, thinking is a misconception.

Officiel OBJETS D'ÉTUDES® artworks is an experimental brand, directed by an institutional poet innovator, individual art director-entrepreneur. Civil identity.
Wisdom in Modernity                                                  I do not do web apps anymore
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